New and revised standards for IFRS

New and revised standards for IFRS



The IASB have been very proactive in developing reporting requirements in the recent years. Organisations now have more guidance when deciding whether or not to consolidate, more guidance on the reporting of relationships and more ability to reflect the underlying nature of agreements in joint operations. There is also additional guidance in the reporting of fair values. In the very new future there will be new treatments required for financial assets and liabilities, revenues and leases. The impact of these new treatments could be materially significant for many organisations. This course brings you up to speed with these new and revised treatments.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will obtain a greater understanding of:

  • Convergence with US GAAP
  • New groups standards
  • IFRS 13 Fair value measurement
  • IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers
  • IFRS 9 Financial instruments
  • IFRS 16 Leases


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