Resolve conflict


We all have been in a situation of a challenging conversation with, what we think, a difficult person. Marie Miyashiro does not believe in difficult people, she think these are people that stretch our skills. The difficulty is in use, and not it’s not about the other person. How to deal effectively with challenging conversations.

When conflict arises, a frequent reaction is to blame the other person and criticize their attitude. But if we look a little closer, we realize that, in many cases, we ourselves are partly responsible for the situation.

This course is designed to help you spot these psychological mechanisms in yourself and in others and to step out of what we call the "drama triangle".


On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • How to manage challenging conversations
  • Being aware of the role you play in a conflict
  • Resolving tension using the DESC method
  • Allowing your employees to say no!
  • Accepting conflict
  • Reframe situations
  • Controling your reactions
  • Bringing down your stress levels
  • Neutralising conflict 


CPD Points: 1.5

CPD Duration (hours): 1.5

Access: 12 months from purchase date

Price: £45.00 (excludes VAT)