Lead change effectively


"It's never going to work. How are we going to do it? I'll try but I can't promise". Every manager has seen this type of reaction at least once when trying to change habits, reform the organisation or alter working processes.

You know how to organise a project, but do you know the specific aspects of undertaking a change project? This session will give you the tools to establish your plan of action by giving the right dimension to each phase of the project, incite you to roll out each phase of your strategy properly and help you plan actions to mobilise the stakeholders (a key aspect of change).

This course will show you a simple and practical 5-step method to put across projects or changes in a team meeting. This sequence can be highly effective provided you avoid certain traps, like getting bogged down in a discussion. It shows you how to outline the subject of the meeting and how to handle difficult participants. This course is designed to change your way of organising change, ensuring you have a positive forward thinking mindset and clear realistic plans to 'lead change effectively'.


On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • How to get your team on board when planning for a change
  • How to organise a planned change
  • The reason why before you change, you must find your inner fire.
  • Why organisational culture matters
  • How to diagnose your business dilemma
  • How to reconcile your business dilemma
  • How to overcome resistance to change
  • Why people resist being changed'
  • How to help people to change
  • How to find your tipping points
  • How to develop a positive attitude


CPD Points: 1.5

CPD Duration (hours): 1.5

Access: 12 months from purchase date

Price: £45.00 (excludes VAT)