Drive value creation


To steer your business well, you must make the link between the implementation of business strategy and value creation… and identify the levers to use to optimise the latter. That's the focus of this session, which gives you a simple and effective method to manage through value creation on a daily basis.

As a manager, what's your basic role? Creating value to repay the capital that your company allocated to your business. Needless to say, that finance has to be at the centre of your thoughts. But what are the right habits to have on a daily basis? What rules do you need to know? How do you relate your habits to the big picture of financial operation in your business?

This course gives you simple and effective methods to manage value creation on a daily basis. An aim of the course is for you to develop your skills of creating value, with various practical methods you can establish in your enterprise. The modules are targeted at managers, however this course can still be of huge benefit to anybody working in roles where you are responsible for managing your business's finances. The course will explain how you can develop effective working habits in your day to day work, to add value to your business.


On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • How to manage with value creation levers
  • How to create value on a daily basis
  • How to find the optimum value match
  • How to identify customer value
  • How and why everybody can create value
  • Whether or not you are currently creating value in your organisation
  • What value-based management is
  • How to focus on the correct results thereby ensuring efficiency


CPD Points: 2

CPD Duration (hours): 2

Access: 12 months from purchase date

Price: £60.00 (excludes VAT)